Step inside A&A Step into Art and Adornments at Crick Looking through A&A's window Art And Adornments To Cherish Handmade Birth of Venus Quality Adornments Open with two signs Vincent Van Gogh visits

Step inside A&A

A feast for the eyes

Step into Art and Adornments at Crick

This was Crick's old Co-op originally

Looking through A&A's window

The original Victorian shop windows

Art And Adornments To Cherish

Quality items with requests taken

Handmade Birth of Venus

Birth of Venus model 'scarecrow' for a village event in July

Quality Adornments

Some are Victorian glass and pottery - beautiful!

Open with two signs

When the flag is flying, and the white rose is out, pop in

Vincent Van Gogh visits

Home-made model 'scarecrow' for a Crick event


Giovanni Barbaro

Still Life of Fruit Giovanni Barbaro

Art & Adornments at Crick Northampton showcases art of all styles and prices.  From a unique framed watercolour costing only £20 up to a piece by a listed artist, such as Sven Berlin or John White costing £2,000.  On the walls of the shop you can see oils, pastels, watercolours and prints with a twist, such as the paper being an old dictionary page.


Comport Victorian

19th century table comport

Adornments are abundant from the moment you walk through the door - a feast for the eyes.  From Victorian ornments, mirrors and glassware, through to contemporary candles or quirky vases produced in 2017.  A&A searches for the unusual items to adorn your home.


Giftware selection

Giftware selection

Art & Adornments now stocks unusual gifts and items to make your home adorable from as little as £3 - the range is increasing as requests are given by customers.  You leave the shop with your purchase in an environment-friendly and reusable paper carrier bag, and if requested, it is gift wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon in a colour or your choice.  A&A also has a huge selection of quality greeting cards to accompany your gift.  One-stop shopping.


Small aged and carved wood stool

Small aged and carved wood stool

Art & Adornments like to reuse the beautiful furniture made in previous decades - it is well constructed of wood, not MDF, and if slightly tired or well used, it will be repainted and decorated in readiness to shine as a conversation piece in your home once more.

Quality, affordable and unusual products to cherish, with excellent customer service, means an enjoyable shopping experience.