Royal Doulton Ladies

Art & Adornments has a selection of pretty Royal Doulton Ladies to choose from.  These are often bought to compliment the décor of homes, and bring out the colour schemes.  All of them are in excellent first class condition without any chips or cracks, except poor ‘Buttercup’ who has a small crack on her bonnet, so is offered at a knocked-down price (I also have a Buttercup that is in A1 condition).

I used to have one lady customer in Devon that couldn’t resist treating herself every time she saw a new Doulton Lady in my shop window – her house was filled with pretty items when I delivered one to her due to poor weather conditions.

Only recently I had a lady come in and admire my collection, only to tell me that she is a major supplier in Australia, and owns approx. 800 to which she can recognise most of their names!  Wow, I struggle to remember the names of the eight or nine that I have in the shop.

The names of my ladies are:  Melanie (HN2271), Ashley (HN3420), Adrienne (HN2304), Helen (HN3601), Stephanie (HN2807), Buttercup (HN2309) and Elegance (HN2264).

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