2020 Changes

What a year 2020 has been so far, with no real certainties ahead.  Art & Adornments has been closed since March due to shielding, so apologies to all customers that like to come in and browse.  Shielding was officially ended by the Government on 1st August, however as health concerns for me and my family are still priority, the shop currently remains closed – “prevention is better than cure” and as there is no cure for COVID-19 yet I will continue to prevent and protect.

As with many businesses I am exploring options for selling online by listing stock on this site and my Facebook page with sizes and prices.  I can reserve items requested via phone, text or emails to [email protected]   This method has been working successfully over recent months.

Items totaling over £30.00, requested locally (5 miles from the shop), can be delivered free with cash on delivery if it is difficult to visit the shop.

I am considering adding an Online Shopping Cart with PayPal payments to this site, but the technology involved is quite daunting as I do most of the site content and maintenance myself, but watch this space – if I can work it out with a little help I may give this site 21st century capabilities 🙂

A&A trying to keep up with technology

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