A&A Christmas Art Competition

Art and Adornments Art Competition

A&A Art Competition

I’d like to get the people of Crick interested in art, so I decided at the beginning of December to run a competition for adults and children to showcase their creativity on blank mini canvasses.  It is amazing how differently the entrants have used the 3 inch by 3 inch space!

Some have used nail polish, others glitter, some are drawn, others are painted.  Stickers, gems and stars have all been used.  Take a look at the photograph above, showing the entrants so far.  A lot more canvasses have been handed out than returned, so don’t be shy, have a try.

Any child entering will get their age added to their canvas so that the customers can take this into account when they vote for their favourite.  The votes will be added up on Christmas Eve, and prizes announced.

So come on all of you budding artists, have a go!





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