Affordable Art

Rainy two cherries plus leaf XSmall 060809

I’ve been cherry picking some fabulous art recently, from extremely good artists – award winning some of them.

The ‘Art List’ section of this website has just been updated with six paintings that I’ve listed as Contemporary, along with the subject matter next to it.  See below – there are gorgeous pieces depicting:

 Winter Sunset Acrylic

Winter Sunset Acrylic

Study of a chicken Watercolour

Study of a chicken watercolour

Cottage Garden Watercolour

 Cottage Garden watercolour

 Tree and Butterflies Acrylic Canvas

Tree and Butterflies

Two Deer Watercolour

Two Deer watercolour

The one thing that all these lovely pieces have in common is that they are all of a manageable size for the smallest of spaces on walls, and importantly they are all available under £50, and that includes a frame!

Amazing value for original art, not prints, that can be cherished for years to come.  Take a look and contact me for the exact price, but you can be confident all six will be either in the £20+, £30+ or £40+, but no more.


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