It’s been a while …

But the new Art & Adornments website is now ready.

It is nearly one year since we opened the doors here in Crick, Northamptonshire – hooray!

During that year the shop has introduced a wide selection of goodies to tempt you, from trendy new giftware to fine antiques, to suit all ages and all budgets therefore the new website needed to be updated to reflect the diversity.

You can buy gifts from £2 to £999 with all prices in between.  There is far too much stock to get on the A&A website, but the new revamped layout should give you a flavour of what is available, and keep you in the loop with news.

Contact Jeanette on 07932 999192 if you have something specific in mind, and if she doesn’t already have something to show you (or email you an image/price/measurements), she will endeavour to find it for you.




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