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The Old Co-op, Crick.  Home to this website and the physical shop Art & Adornments

Big newsArt & Adornments the shop on the High Street in Crick is going 24×7 from the comfort of your own home only, instead of having shop opening hours.  Yes due to the restrictions of Covid-19 on non-essential shopping, The Old Co-op shop is now going online.

You can continue to ‘view by prior arrangement’ after phoning 07932 999192 – this has been happening successfully since January (apart from Lockdown obviously) and will ensure 2 metre distancing, face coverings and hand hygiene is adhered to.

Open all hours

Open all hours to suit you the customer

To make this more attractive to loyal local customers, your purchases of £10+ will be delivered in Crick free, with cash on delivery (simple old-fashioned shopping), and wherever possible delivered in nearby towns and villages for a minimum charge.

Each day I will be photographing the stock in the shop and adding it to this site on the Products page, plus Facebook, see the link below:

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