Royal Academy 2018

Collette Morey De Morand

Collette Morey De Morand sample painting available at Art & Adornments along with two other sample paintings and a large framed piece


Did you manage to watch BBC 2 on Saturday at 9.50 p.m.?

It was a very entertaining way to see how the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is planned and executed, with this year also being a 250th celebration.  It runs from 12th June until the 19th August 2018.

With his unique flair and fun Grayson Perry is curating the massive number of hopeful entrants, which increased this year due to it being the 250th year.  I really liked the way he chose a bright lemon paint for one of the three rooms displaying the Summer Exhibition works – it reminded me of the above piece I own.

If you missed this interesting programme, you have 28 days to catch it on BBC iPlayer with this link:

If you would like to know more about the Royal Academy, take a look at this link:


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