Stained Glass – Sold

In November 2016 a customer declared how much he had admired the large Victorian stained glass piece of a man preying that he had seen on previous visits to browse in Art & Adornments.  We had discussed how I bought it at an auction in London – it was in three scruffy dirty pieces hidden behind a mirror, and that I had it restored and re-framed to give it rigidity.  He said how disappointed he was that it must have been sold, as it wasn’t on view to buy any longer.  He explained how he drove his children past the shop several times to see if it was still available, whilst he saved up to buy it.


Preying man

Victorian Preying man stained glass


His face lit up when I explained that this piece hadn’t been sold but was hanging in front of my dining room window to show it at its best.  He was so delighted that he paid a deposit immediately, with the intention of purchasing it in full during December, in time to take-centre stage to his Christmas decorations around his patio window.

It was very hard for me to part with this gorgeous piece of history, but a joy to know that this man and his children would have loved it in their home – I enjoyed it, but it was time for someone else to.  This photograph does not do the colours and detail justice and after surviving 150+ years, I wonder how many more homes this glass will adorn in the future?

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