Sven Berlin

I have two fantastic paintings by the popular artist, sculptor and author Sven Berlin 1911-1999.

'Paradise' by Sven Berlin

‘Paradise’ by Sven Berlin

Unusual and colourful Sven Berlin 'The Other Eye'

Unusual and colourful Sven Berlin ‘The Other Eye’











His life was as colourful as this painting below entitled ‘Paradise’, and he surely managed to pack a great deal of artistic ventures into his 88 years.

Here is a small amount of information I collected on him:

Sven Berlin was born in London on 14 September 1911 – son to a Swedish Timber Merchant.  Died Near Wimborne, Dorset on 14 December 1999.

He studied at Camborne and Redruth Schools of Art, 1934 – 1938.  He moved to Cornwall in the 1940s and left by a horse drawn wagon in 1953 to live with gypsies in the New Forest until 1970.  A member of Penwith Society 1949, the Crypt Group 1946 and a member of the group of St. Ives Moderns.

Sven Berlin 'Paradise'

Shows a small area of mysterious ‘Paradise’ by Sven Berlin

Top Half of Sven Berlin ‘Paradise’

He was a flamboyant, bohemian, multi-talented, character – an ex-adagio dancer; maker of paintings, pencil/pen/ink drawings, book illustrations and watercolours; carver of wood and stone; writer of novels, autobiography and poems; respected philosopher.

Sven Berlin suffered as a result of the bitter struggle between modernists and traditionalists over control of the exhibiting society in St. Ives -it was “the politics” that drove him to leave St. Ives in 1953.  When he published a novel ‘The Dark Monarch’ in 1962 (a lightly-veiled expose of the politics of St. Ives in the early 50s) he found himself in serious trouble with several of the artists depicted in the book.  They sued him for libel and brought about his financial ruin.

Sven Berlin exhibited at Tate Gallery, London, Heals of Tottenham Court Road, London (then The Mansard Gallery), St. Barbe Museum & Art Gallery, Lymington, Dorset, Fifteen Artists and Craftsmen from around St. Ives Exhibition, St. Ives.  Belgrave Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall and Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Lower Half of Sven Berlin ‘Paradise’

Sven Berlin was a remarkable man whose creativity and strength of character enabled him to reach the heights of artistic excellence while enduring grinding poverty – this was matched by immense physical strength which enabled him to carve even granite.  Sven’s perceptive eye and love of nature is evident, particularly of wildlife, whilst his vibrant and colourful paintings and many self-portraits are inimitable and are now in great demand – his work is to be found in many private collections throughout the world.

‘Paradise’ in simple frame

In the photograph above, you can also see a second painting I have by Sven Berlin, entitled ‘The Other Eye’ (see below) which is smaller in size but similar in style and colours.

Sven Berlin 'The Other Eye'

Sven Berlin ‘The Other Eye’

Imposing 'Paradise' by artist Sven Berlin

Imposing ‘Paradise’ by artist Sven Berlin

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