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Up and running at last

Boxes, boxes and more boxes.  Paint, paint and more paint.  At last the showroom is ready to receive visitors on Saturday 13th July 2013.  Phew, it was a lot of hard work in this sweltering weather, but oh so worth it.  Not only did we paint and decorate the showroom but we needed to make a scarecrow […]

Moved into new premises

At last, after three months, I’ve moved house. I can finally make my new premises into the display area I’ve always wanted for Art & Adornments.  It is bright, spacious, airy, warm and has a homely air to it.  There is even a very old Pianola complete with scrolls in the corner.  I’d appreciate a lesson […]

art-e-fact 2

2nd May 2013 art-e-fact Hard to believe it now but … Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime – no wonder he became depressed, wrote lots of heart-felt letters, and damaged his ear!  He could have lived a luxurious and celebrated life if he was admired then the way he is today.

art-e-fact 1

01 May 2013 art-e-fact Leonardo da Vinci, born 1452 to a wealthy legal notary father and peasant mother (unmarried), had numerous skills to his name.  These include being an architect, inventor, writer, botanist, anatomist, engineer, mathematician, sculptor, musician, scientist, cartographer, and geologist.  How did he find time to eat and sleep let alone be one […]

Organised Chaos

Full steam ahead

Things are moving in the right direction for me to open the doors of the showroom in July 2013. So many things are being prepared for this month – moving, buying stock, printing literature and passing around the word. It was intended for the showroom to be fairly petite, but now it is going to […]

It’s been a while …

But the new Art & Adornments website is now ready. It is nearly one year since we opened the doors here in Crick, Northamptonshire – hooray! During that year the shop has introduced a wide selection of goodies to tempt you, from trendy new giftware to fine antiques, to suit all ages and all budgets therefore […]

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