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Comport Victorian


I’m amazed I don’t damage this kind of ornament when I’m cleaning them, because I manage to chip my own personal china plates, cups, and saucers in daily use with great regularity – clumsy I know, but it would be criminal not to be extra special careful with something as lovely as this.  

Favourite new stock

I know this fried egg looks good enough to eat, but it really is a small painting (8×6 inches)! I had two separate customers wanting this painting in the shop at the same time – I was wrapping it for one customer when another came in and asked to buy it – at first I […]

Cherries and fringe

I had to buy this painting because I love cherries, and I used to have a wonky fringe like this – thanks mum for using blunt kitchen scissors!

New ‘pop’ art

Lots of new ‘pop’ art stock is due in shortly.  Today I took delivery of a ‘Coca Cola’ can oil painted onto a newspaper clippings background, and a ‘Jack Daniels’ oil on a plain black background.

Driving past A&A

If you are driving through the High Street in Crick, Northamptonshire, keep you eyes open for our lovely Victorian double fronted shop.

Stained glass of 1860

Due to the interest shown for two recent beautiful pieces of original stained glass with religious content, we have now bought more to add to the range of art and mirrors. The first piece sold went to a couple who lived in Bideford and then they returned a week later for the second piece that matched it. Art […]

Giftware selection

Strive to source it

Put your feet up and let Art & Adornments find what you are looking for.  All purchases made in this shop are for gifts to someone special, or a gift to yourself because you deserve it. Be it …..   Art, Glass, Ceramics, Mirrors, Antiques or Furniture.  New, Old, Vintage or Antique.  Quality or Reproduction. On […]

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