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Through the door

This is what greets you as you walk through the door currently, but very soon there will be a new range of silk flower arrangements, LED letters and symbols, mirrored trinkets, signs with messages, and even more affordable art.  Keep popping into the shop or watch this website, as it is about to be refreshed […]

Pears Print of Bubbles

Meaning behind ‘Bubbles’

An interesting customer informed me that the painting of ‘Bubbles’ by Sir John Everett Millais, first exhibited in 1886, has hidden meanings. The artist used his 5 year old grandson as the model, and the bubble he is looking at represents the beauty and fragility of life, whilst the fallen broken pot by his side […]

Preying man

Stained Glass – Sold

In November 2016 a customer declared how much he had admired the large Victorian stained glass piece of a man preying that he had seen on previous visits to browse in Art & Adornments.  We had discussed how I bought it at an auction in London – it was in three scruffy dirty pieces hidden […]

The Big Painting Challenge on BBC

Last week the programme started by asking ten artists to paint landscapes, before one was eliminated, and the this week the nine artists will tackle portraiture.  There are 6 episodes that go out on BBC1 at 6.00 p.m.  During the first episode lots of hints and tips was given out by two experts and the ten competing […]

A&A Art-e-facts: Decoupage

Did you know that decoupage was thought to originate in East Siberian with nomadic tribes decorating burial tombs.  It is then believed to have become popular in China where it was used a lot by the 12th century, followed by Venice, Italy by the 17th century. Someone who does decoupage is known as a decoupeur […]

Painting shop

Out with white

The white wood shop front at Art & Adornments has been freshly painted a new colour!  Here is the BEFORE painting starts photo.     After much deliberation, and initially choosing an incorrect shade (that was too grey), it is now almost complete with a mushroom shade that will give it years of protection from the […]

Banksy framed print

Banksy – Framed prints

Just arrived!! A lovely gift that is easy to wrap (and protected, whilst it’s still wrapped in cellophane).  These prints are mounted and framed in black.  The size is 33 x 33 cms.  Print 1 ‘Hope Balloons’.  Print 2 ‘Armoured Peace Dove’.  Print 3 ‘There is always hope’.      

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