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Birth of Venus

Botticelli Birth of Venus

Here in Crick we have an annual Scarecrow Weekend in mid July.  This is the fourth year it has been held and the quality of scarecrows produced by villagers is improving and becoming so much more ambitious. This is our ‘art-themed’ offering – Birth of Venus, complete with shell and wild grass for hair.  She […]

Time Piece

This large clock has a dual purpose as a coffee table as well.  Made of stainless steel, and charged by an AA battery for the time piece, it gives a modern contemporary feel whilst being amazingly useful.  

Nest of Tables

Here we have three lovely shabby-chic distress painted tables that nest together to save space until needed. The glass protects the Laura Ashley fabric beneath, but can also be lifted so that you can be creative and personalise your furniture.  Why not add the fabric of your choice, or how about pressing some flowers and placing them […]

The Village Wedding

This is one of my favourite pieces of art, even though it is a print by Sir (Samuel) Luke Fildes, 1843-1927. He started as an illustrator and then moved on to painting social scenes, for instance he painted ‘The Doctor’ because one of his sons continually needed visits from a doctor due to him suffering […]


Here in Crick we hold a Scarecrow Weekend that is massive fun for all the family, with more than just random scarecrows hanging from buildings or sitting on fences, there are also stalls, live music, street entertainment, and tea and cakes scattered throughout the village.  A great deal of money is donated to charity too.  Look […]

Pretty Swan

I love any paintings or ornaments that include swans, so here we have a newcomer to the collection.  Pretty as it is showing detail in the feathers, I would still like to fill the gap between the wings with gorgeous flower heads.

Old fashioned weighing scales

A man browsing the shop recently requested I find some old fashioned black weighing scales for his partner, so here they.  The are really attractive, made from black iron, with not only the brass containers, but the brass weights ranging from one pound (1lb) to half an ounce – pretty accurate.  These would look fantastic […]

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