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One of the best sellers in the shop since starting giftware in November has been individual soup bowls with little lids and a spoon attached to the handle in funky colours like purple, orange, red, green and yellow costing £6.40. I recently sold out and will replace the stock in Autumn, but what about this huge […]

Sven Berlin ‘Paradise’

This is currently the most expensive piece in Art & Adornments, but it is amazing.  It is a multi-media painting entitled ‘Paradise’ by a well-known listed artist, and is an investment piece.  Each time you look at this large painting you see something different, there is even a small monkey face in amongst the birds, man, woman, […]

Heather Landscape

I really like the muted colours of this oil painting, and I chose the frame carefully to bring out the colours of this landscape and heavy sky.

Royal Doulton Ladies

Art & Adornments has a selection of pretty Royal Doulton Ladies to choose from.  These are often bought to compliment the décor of homes, and bring out the colour schemes.  All of them are in excellent first class condition without any chips or cracks, except poor ‘Buttercup’ who has a small crack on her bonnet, so […]

Yew Desk

This fabulous Yew veneered desk is so useful, with lots of nooks and crannies, plus three shelves behind two doors when the desk area is closed.  It is beautifully polished, with a leather insert.  All together a glorious piece of furniture to store your increasing paperwork in a way that you’ll be happy to visit.

Three drawer cabinet

It is only small but very cute and useful.  This cabinet is in a walnut veneer with cabriole legs.

Slim-line desk

This is an unusual walnut style desk that opens out to reveal a spacious area, lined with green fabric, to keep books, and writing equipment, or to store hobby equipment.  It looks good closed or opened, and would fit snuggly in any small space.

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