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Tins for numerous products

Tins for storage

Art & Adornments has a wide selection of ‘tins to put it in’. Dog food, cat food, first aid, dishwasher tablets, recipes, bird food, and buttons.

Retro Toy Giftware

Retro Toys

Because I have a seven year old grandson, I decided to get him involved in the shop, so we set up a ‘Kids Corner’ with a few old fashioned toys. The retro toys on offer include finger puppets, dominoes, catapults, bird houses to paint, jigsaws, books, parachutes, tiddly winks and several other items.  No 21st century gizmos sold […]

Say it with a sign

Say it with a sign

Art & Adornments has numerous metal signs for you to choose from, such as “Hand over the chocolate and no-one gets hurt”, of “If at first you don’t succeed, do it how you wife said”.

Classical Lady

I adore this very old, pastel and chalk, sketch in muted colours, of a beautiful woman.  It is simply framed in aged wood but I’m reluctant to replace the frame and mount it in the usual way, because the character would be lost in my opinion.

Miniature art on sea glass

Miniature paintings on seaglass

  Art & Adornments has a selection of miniature art that has been skilfully painted on sea glass, and you can buy a little pouch to put them in.  Subjects include flowers, trees, scenes, and names.  These are great little gifts between £5 – £10 that can be sent easily through the post to friends […]

Nosey Cow

Nosy Cow

Does this expression shout “Nosey Cow” to you.  I have bought lots from this artist because I like the way she captures animals and insects with fun and colour.  She signs the mounts and the painting, and this watercolour is sold in a white shabby chic frame.

Watercolour study of a chicken


I hope this is a chicken and not a rooster or something – I am not too clued up on this subject, and once or twice I have been corrected by people in the know that visit the shop.  All I do know, is it is well executed by the artist, an original watercolour and […]

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