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Bumble Bee in flight

For all those bee keepers, or fans of the amazing bumble bee, here is a watercolour study to brighten up your day and make you want to go looking for, or listening for them in the garden.

Coming soon

I asked the artist of this ‘Fried Egg’ to paint me another because the last one sold so quickly. It is due to arrive next week and obviously it won’t be exactly the same as before, but it will be a ‘Good Enough to Eat Fried Egg’ acrylic painting measuring 6 x 8 inches, and […]

Why not make me an offer on Victorian Art

When I took over Cooper Gallery, Bideford, Devon the art I bought from the previous owner was all fine art that was mostly Victorian or early 20th Century watercolours. Until I redesigned the website you are looking at now, all the art was photographed and listed, but now I think it is time to find […]

Gifts from as little as £2

Last night I was asked what could £2 buy in the shop, so attached is a photo of six items, actually the fridge magnets are £1.50, and I have these fun little heart-shaped messages for £2.50 – these all last so much longer than a quick sandwich or drink when out! Mind you £2 would buy […]

Antique Display Cabinet

Hand decorated Victorian Glass Cabinet

This is definitely where you keep your ‘Sunday Best’ ornaments to protect them from curious little fingers of grandchildren (I know about this!).  Inside it is lined with velvet, and when the door is opened there is a gorgeous smell of aged wood.    


At Art & Adornments we have a selection of ornate, decorative, large, small and dramatic mirrors.  Some are brass, others gilded, some wood and even Bakelite.

Tree and Butterflies acrylic on canvas

Colourful tree with butterflies

This is sure to brighten up your day, with flowers in the grass, a sunny sky and butterflies swarming around a bright and cheerful tree.

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