Brand new gifts

Art & Adornments also offers (brand new) gifts that are a bit unusual and are not easily available in big-brand stores, see below for a tiny example of what is on offer, with free delivery in Crick on purchases over £10.  Click the image to make it bigger:

Selection of candle ware

Selection of candle ware:  Stainless steel modern with spike £10, silvered glass pillar £10, tall wooden holder £10, winged holder £10, bird metal £10, Cherubs £15, white flower 3 candle holder £25, handmade daisy glass tealight holder £10, grey metal 5 candle holder £35, daisy tin candle £5


Parks London Candles

Parks London Candles: Giftbox of 10 reduced to £30, large gift candles reduced to £15, tin candles £7.50, silk daffodil in vase £10, and butterfly framed original watercolour entitled ‘Sisters’ £30


Dartington Glass water jug

Dartington Glass hand applied Union Jack emblem modern water carafe – blue sold so white only reduced from £45 to £25


Tins for numerous products

Tins for recipes £15 and dishwasher tablets £10


Flowers for Spring

Flowers for Spring Large Tray £8 small tray £5 placemats £10


Lightbulb cushion

Multi-colour modern lightbulb cushion, also available in the same style with telephones £10


Chrome Clock side table

Chrome Clock side table, battery operated reduced to £25


Never enough shoes storage box

Never enough shoes wood storage box £10


Glass cupcake candle holder

Caithness glass cupcake candle holder £10 each


A&A display shelving

A&A display shelving – click image to see more detail and call 07932 999192 for prices


A&A high display shelving

A&A higher shelving


A&A girly gifts

A&A gifts for little girls


A&A giftware

Art & Adornment brand new gift ware