Listed below are a selection of products available from Art & Adornments – the photographs will grow daily from the top of this page, so please scroll down!

Banksy framed print

Banksy framed prints x3

Grapes and ivy

Grapes and Ivy J.W. Hamilton

Time Piece Side Table

The Village Wedding print by Sir Luke Fildes

Decorative Soup Tereen

SOLD  Old fashioned weighing scales  SOLD

Doulton Ladies

Tree and Butterflies oil

Tree and Butterflies oil

Nosey Cow

Nosey Cow watercolour

Cottage Garden watercolour

Cottage Garden watercolour

Cow at Rest watercolour by James Orrock

Cow at Rest watercolour by James Orrock

Miniature art on stones

Miniature art on stones

Apples watercolour

Basket of apples watercolour

Ornate mirror

Unusual shape and fairly small ornate mirror

Ceramic art

Ornamental painted ceramic art

Comport Victorian

19th century table comport by Goode of London

Carnival glass

Cheerful Carnival Glass


Cheerful ‘Reproduction Renoir’

Various landscapes

Shows numerous landscapes to thumb through

Organised Chaos

Organised Chaos Limited Edition Print

Original Piggyback

Brotherly Piggyback Ride


Interesting Portraits in chalk



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